This is one title that we will absolutely take! Minnesota was just named one of the best states for summer roads trips and despite the price of gas right now, I would happen to agree.

There are always studies being done and about just about every topic under the sun. Minnesota has been lucky enough to place well in these studies. For example, last year we were named one of the safest states in the country.

This is just one example of many! Minnesota and Wisconsin also topped a study regarding the best school systems in the country. Both states were also named some of the best for teachers in a similar study done in 2020.

My very favorite study? One that named Wisconsin one of the grossest states in the country. Of course, I do not agree with this study but you can't help but laugh for how there really is a study or survey for everything these days.

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As for Minnesota, we have now topped another list and it's easy to see why! Minnesota was just named the second best state in the country for summer road trips this year! Gas is incredibly expensive right now but taking that factor out of it, I totally get why we were almost number one.

WalletHub conducted this study and released it on Wednesday (June 22nd) just in time for summer road trip season. They looked at a ton of different factors to conduct the study including the average cost of car repairs, price of camping, car thefts per capita, scenic byways and more.

The surprising thing is that Minnesota did not place on any of these lists for the most part. We don't have a high price of camping but we don't have a low price for camping, for example. However, we are known for our beautiful areas in the northern part of the state and that is likely why we placed so high on the list.

How easy is it to road trip from the Twin Cities to the Twin Ports, or even further up the North Shore? It is pretty easy and absolutely beautiful! It is easy to see why we almost topped the list with this one.

As for Wisconsin, they didn't do too shabby! Wisconsin was named the eighteenth best state for road trips, cracking the top twenty. Wisconsin has some of the cheapest costs for car repairs, which likely helped it make it that high up!

Speaking of summer travel, Duluth is obviously a major tourist town come the summertime! This didn't factor into the study but in my opinion, living in a place so beautiful definitely helped Minnesota top the list. Ha!

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