If you've been to the dairy section of your favorite store lately, it's no secret that milk prices are pretty low. According to news sources, the price of a gallon of milk is the lowest its been in more than 4 years - leaving a lot of dairy farmers in a predicament; they depend upon steady prices to turn a profit.

A glut of milk (oversupply) is what's behind the extra-low prices.  The reasons for the oversupply are complicated, but for sure more people are drinking less milk that ever before.

In order to do something - anything - to help out the farmers that feed the nation, A Wisconsin man is lobbying people to take the #10GallonChallenge.  Using social media, the man is encouraging people to head to stores and buy ten gallons of milk - to donate to local food shelf's and agencies that help to feed those in need.  Ty Higgins - the man who came up with the challenge - hopes that it will fill two needs:  Help the farmers by using up the oversupply of milk and also feed those less fortunate.


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