Think drinking skim milk will help you lose weight?  Think again!

A new study published by the Archives of Disease In Childhood found just the opposite to be true.

"[W]ithin every ethnicity and every socioeconomic strata…children who drank skim milk and 1% were heavier than those who drank 2% and whole."

This fact flies in the face of what the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association have recommended for many decades.

The study - which is sure to draw reaction from many in the medical and nutritional fields - was comprehensive.  A database of almost 11,000 children was studied.

14% of the heavier 2-year-olds drank 1% milk compared to 9% of normal-weight youngsters, and 16% of the overweight or obese 4-year-olds drank the 2% milk compared to 13% of the normal-weight 4-year-olds. Overall, children who drank the 2% milk showed lower BMI scores than those drinking the 1% milk.

Even more puzzling…children who were normal weight at the start of the study and consistently drank the 1% milk showed a 57% increased chance of becoming overweight or obese by the they were 4.

These recent findings are sure to cause conversation and as with any research finding, consumers are cautioned to use their own judgement.



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