August 1st is the day the price goes up if you are thinking of signing up, do it now.

This year it's bigger and better. The marathon also includes all things rollerblade and other things too. People are skating on rollerblades, skis, and all sorts of things. It seems like if you can do it in the winter you can put wheels on it.

Where is the sport going? On the weekend of September 13th, you will find all sorts of demonstrations and information if you want to get involved.

By the way, registration is $99, but on August 1st goes up to $109. You can register at

The course is a lot like Grandma's Marathon until you get in the city, then you get to skate in the tunnels and on the highway. They close down Highway 61 and I-35.

Find out what interests you and come down and learn more about it.

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