Working with animals always has a chance of something going wrong. And sheep are the root of all evil!

I do not like sheep at all, in my youth my father and I helped a farmer transport his sheep to a new location because the wolfs were killing and eating the sheep. Oh you think sheep are cute and fluffy and fun and they help you fall asleep. Not these sheep! Dirty, stinky monsters from hell! We had to catch and carry each one to the trailer! I was covered in sheep do do, kicked over and over.  Smell bad? oh yeah, My dad and i stopped at the local gas station to fill up, sheep in the back of the truck and trailer, I am standing next to them and a car of girls pulls up, they see the dirty minions and start to squeal with excitement to see such cute animals and as they came closer they stop and cover there noses and scream "OMG the smell" and look at me. I hate sheep.

So when I see a story about the devils minion, I just have to look and you guessed it, the sheep hits the fan again. Here is more evidence of the evilness of sheep