Have you ever wanted to know what Duluth looks like from the sky? Well here's your chance! I had the opportunity to fly alongside one of the performance planes that will be at the 2016 Duluth Air Show, and it was awesome!

Seeing the Northland from this view was a surreal experience! Flying above the clouds and travailing at well over 100mph was so cool, catching plenty of views of the Lucas Oil Pitts stunt plane that will be part of this year's air show. The Lucas Oil Pitts is piloted by Mike Wiskus, who was a lot of fun to visit with and watch fly.

Thanks to The Duluth Air Show for an incredibly fun experience. Seeing all the planes and the people preparing for this great event made me realize how much goes into these events. The pilots all look like they should've been in 'Top Gun'. Next time I need to get a picture with them to just look cool by association! Make sure to check out the video above and the photos below to see the Lucas Oil Pitts over Duluth!

Mike Wiskus's Flight In His Lucas Oil Pitts stunt plane over Duluth

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