In my twenty + years of living in Duluth, I must say that I have always been really impressed with the plow drivers in Duluth and how they handle removing all the snow through out the city. When you think about all the different side streets and hills it would be quite the monumental task to clear these streets .

But this year might be a different story if the city does not have enough plow drivers. Patience is going to be the key with everybody, and maybe an extra shovel to dig your cars out of the snow.

Street Maintenance Operations Coordinator Geoff Vukelich said to WDIO:

We need to get these spots filled we need to get people trained so that we can provide the good plowing services that we have done for the city in the past. If you are qualified class A class B driver’s license, you are more than welcome to apply online. And we are hoping to get these people in before the end of the year.

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For the first time ever the city of Duluth is actually marketing these positions to the general public due to a change in the job market. The need for employees specifically plow drivers is not just a problem in Duluth but in the entire state of Minnesota making benefits a big part of the appeal of recruiting drivers. The city of Duluth is very competitive in this area offering medical, dental and pensions.

Geoff went on to say that this type of job is awfully rewarding as well, knowing that you will be helping out your fellow community members and neighbors by making their commute to work, school and to just be able to get around the city safely.

Fingers crossed that these positions get filled quickly given the fact we are almost half way through the month of October as we all know snow can come at any time. Obviously, even if you have these special drivers license their is a training session that needs to be conducted so the sooner that people get applications in and get trained the better. So let's all hope for a break before we get some significant snow, so we can get the plow drivers trained and ready to go! For information on job openings check out listings here.

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