I would like to say thank you to everyone who called in this morning to become a partner in hope. Ken Hayes, Cathy Kates, and myself set a record for the biggest start to the St. Jude radio-a-thon. (Call now 888-290-4673) Now, we have to continue the good will and keep this pace up. My fear is we had a great morning and everyone will give up, but this is when we need you most, St Jude said last year it cost them 1.3 million a day to run St Jude Hospital, this year it will cost 1.6 so we need to keep those totals up.

Join us on the air, online, or at the studio. Become a partner in hope for $25 a month and get Country Jam tickets for the Friday show and then also the drawing for our star guitars. These are accoustic guitars signed by huge country artists, you can see pictures of all our incentive gifts at www.kool1017.com or www.kkcb.com

Thanks again to those of you that contributed, for those of you waiting......don't wait anymore call 888-290-4673 and become a partner in hope. Thank you!

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