A British company has figured out how to make more money once you are dead. Kind of a good idea too. Once you die, this company will take your ashes and mix them with vinyl and make a record out of you.

With the comeback of vinyl more and more people know what the medium is. For a while it dated someone that they knew what those old records were. People knew CDs, not the old black vinyl. If you want your remains to....uh...remain, you can be made into an LP literally. There are different packages available, but basically you can print many copies and have them distributed to all your friends and family so they can enjoy the record and have you around for years.

So the only problem that the company, Vinyly, is having. Customers and sometimes family members, can't decide what record to become. According to Dvice, Company founder Jack Leach, he says that one customer was a club DJ who just wanted to get a few more spins at his favorite club. For himself, Leach says that he'll probably go with a blank record, so people can hear the extra crackles and swishing sounds that his ashes make when it's mixed into the vinyl.

I think I would go one of two ways. Become a classic album, like a Zepplin record, a Pink Floyd, or Purple Rain so that people can hear the backwards track and wonder if it's me. If I was one of those, people can drink or smoke and contemplate life. I could  or have haunting sounds of me recorded that say....."Help Me", and wonder if I'm talking or that is the record talking. What song or record would you pick?

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