A recall notice has been issued for some bagged fresh green beans and squash sold under the Marketside brand label at Walmart.  The concern is possible contamination with Listeria.  The vegetables in question were processed by Southern Specialties Inc.

According to news reports, most of the bagged vegetables were found and taken back before they hit Walmart store shelves.  However, company officials suggest caution just in case.

Here are the specific details:

All products sold under the Marketside brand name (Walmart's in-house brand)

  • Bagged Green Beans:  32-ounce bag, UPC:  681131457385, Best-If-Used-By: MAR-9-2019, Lot Codes:  83931-123 or 83939-124
  • Bagged Green Beans:  12-ounce bag, UPC:  83931-123 or 83939-124, Best-If-Used-By:  MAR-8-2019, Lot Codes:  83928-628 or 83932-123
  • Bagged Butternut Squash:  16-ounce bag, UPC:  681131122351, Best-If-Used-By:  MAR-6-2019, Lot Codes:  83940-319 or 83940-139

No actual cases of Listeria were discovered.  The concern arose from standard testing that is run on their food products; some of the samples came back testing positive for the bacterium that can cause Listeria.

No illnesses have been reported at this time.  If consumers have any of the bagged vegetable products in their possession, they're asked to contact Southern Specialities:  954-876-2453 or visit www.southernspecialties.com.

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