Last summer - as the construction on Superior Street started in earnest - a one-hour free program was instituted at seven different downtown parking ramps.  The idea behind the program was to help alleviate any customer fatigue in regards to the much-needed, multi-year street work.

While organizers are promising that the one-hour free program will continue through the course of the Superior Street project (two more phases are left), the Greater Downtown Council is seeking input from the general public - specifically business owners.  The organization has developed an online survey that allows for direct input.  A total of seven questions are asked to help solicit the information.

The seven participating ramps that have been offering one-hour of free parking in downtown are the Tech Village Ramp, Medical District Ramp, HART District Ramp, US Bank Ramp, Duluth Transportation Center Ramp, 4th Avenue Auto Park, and Civic Center Ramp.

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