Sometimes things work out in a way that it seems like that was the plan all along.  Last Christmas season - when Marcia Hales announced that it would be the last for the holiday decorations after 19 years - many in the Northland were sad.  Now it appears that her light displays will live on in a setting that seems like a natural fit.

Christmas 2019 will mark a new beginning for the tradition as the light display moves to the grounds of Glensheen.  According to news reports, the location seems like a natural fit to both Hales and the organizers at Glensheen:

"I was thrilled when they contacted me and said that they would like to have the displays moved to Glensheen," [Marcia] Hales said.  Glensheen director Dan Hartman said after Hales announced this winter would be her last year, many community members told him that Glensheen would be a great fit for her display. Hartman thought so too. "So I reached out to Marcia myself and she said there were a lot of people and places who wanted her lights, but we were the natural place that fits the feel that she was going for with the Lake Superior connection and the kind of magical nature of the estate," Hartman said.

One work-around that officials at Glensheen are solving is the size difference between the two yards.  While Hales' display was rather large, the former Congdon estate sits on a larger parcel of land; According to Dan Hartman - the Director of Glensheen - they will be adding to the display to better match the geography.

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