February has come and gone and it sure was an eventful month. In case you hadn't already heard it - or guessed it - Duluth saw the snowiest February in history.

This wasn't a huge shock to us here in the area. In mid-February, we were already seeing the seventh snowiest February in history. With half a month to go, I was sure at the rate we were going we'd move on up that list.

We sure did and in the end, we made history! So now that the month is said and done, how much snow did we officially see in February? WDIO Meteorologist Taylor Dayton shared the answer to that question on his Facebook page Thursday morning.

There you have it! Not only did we break the record set in 1939, but we were actually a few inches above it. Wow.

Let's hope we get a bit of a break from the snow in March, even if it is usually snowier than February. If we don't get a break from it, we at least have some hilarious people in the region that can keep us laughing through it.

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