When you see a handicapped parking sign, you know that is reserved for a senior person, someone with a handicap or someone that had a physical reason they need to park close. Many wounded veterans need that same courtesy and sometimes can't get it.

A growing movement in the country has been started by some stores around the country and supported by the Wounded Warriors. Instead of the blue markings, purple signs have been added to some handicapped or new spots created with the purple signage. To make it clear, Wounded Vets may still use the handicapped areas, but it's about honor to create these spots and a thank you to the men and women who have served our country.

I think it is a wonderful gesture to honor wounded vets and make it more convenient for the vets to shop or other day to day tasks. If businesses want to add a purple spot or two they can contact the wounded warriors at their website, or call (402) 502-7557 for more information.


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