A common problem for many people is how do they properly dispose of their unused, unwanted, or no longer needed prescription medications.  Many of the 'easy' solutions aren't prudent.

That's why officials in Douglas County are organizing two events on the same day to help with the situation. According to details released by the Superior Telegram, there are two drug-take back events scheduled this week:

  • Friday, April 23:  11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Superior Public Library. 1530 Tower Avenue.
  • Saturday, April 24:  10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Minong Police Station, 123 FIfth Avenue East.

According to the Superior Telegram, the Superior event will be a coordinated effort between the Douglas County Drug Prevention Coalition and the Superior Police Department.  They'll be set up just inside the doors of the library, and everyone is invited to bring in their unwanted prescription medications for disposal.  In addition, they'll be handing out Deterrra Bags - which can be used to deactivate medications at home.  At the Minong location and event, members of the Northern Lakes Coalition - including students from Northwood and Solon Springs schools - will be offering free coffee and doughnuts to people.  In addition, they'll have prescription drug lock boxes and bags as well as deactivation kits available upon request.

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Every April, the Wisconsin Department of Justice coordinates a state-wide prescription drug take-back event initiative.  Meanwhile permanent drug take-back boxes are always housed - year-round - at the Superior, Iron River, and Minong Police Departments as well as Walgreens In Superior.  These locations are open to anyone during their host-sites normal business hours.

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