A new sports website claiming to have the "most extensive sports information ever" has launched and one of the partners is someone with a lot of stats to look up.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the co-founders of the new OSDBsports.com with long-time friend and actor Ryan Rottman, he's probably best known for his role as Joey Colvin on the TeenNick series 'Gigantic', the site says that it aims to be the IMDB of sports.

Currently, the site offers information about NBA, NFL, and MLB teams and players, it also has an editorial section. OSDB says that it has plans to add information on NHL, Soccer, UFC, WNBA, PGA, LPGA, E-Sports, and even college and high school sports.

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OSDB features all the stats that you can find a million places on the internet, but it also includes information like contract details, business ventures, endorsements, charities, personal interests and management contact information. Many of the features or information isn't available yet, but the site has raised $2.5 Million in funding before its launch and that money will be used to help enhance the site.

“OSDB is a premiere digital sports database and growing daily. At OSDB You’ll find stats, breaking news, human interest stories and personal information on your favorite athletes.” said OSDB Co-Founder, Aaron Rodgers in a launch day press release.

Rodgers stays busy away from football with several business investments like this and other notable investments in companies like Hims, Manscaped, Nom Nom, he's also a partner at Rx3 Growth Partners and a part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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