Say it ain't so! Duluth's best balcony decoration is no longer.

In case you don't know exactly which one I am talking about, I will fill you in. I first noticed it back in July of 2018. Every time I would drive by, which is often, I spotted what I thought was a person standing on the balcony looking out onto the street.

It turns out it was just a decoration! The decor in question is a man with a black suit. He was on the balcony of the apartment of the top left of the Kenwood Apartments, facing out onto Arrowhead Road. Some speculated at the time that the decoration was used to scare away birds from the porch.

Now, it is gone. I am not sure of an exact date of just when it was taken down but I was driving by the other day and looked up. I was sad to see it wasn't there! It always made me laugh when I would see it. Maybe the decoration is just seasonal and will come around again in the summer.

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Whatever the reason may be for the decoration being taken down, it gave many people a good laugh while it up! It probably also made people do a lot of double takes. Hopefully, it will be back sometime in the future. Ha!

In fact, now that we are slowly crawling into spring, it would be a good time for him to go back outside. The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center said that we are in the process of transitioning to an ENSO-neutral weather pattern, which means average conditions should be returning by May.

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