Some Mom's love to get something home made from their child for their birthday. Some Mom's like a night out with a fancy dinner. This Mom is a Die Hard Seahawks fan, what would the ultimate gift be?

Mike Harris says he initially thought tickets would be too expensive, but after seeing a headline about the falling prices of seats, he looked online and found them $1,000 cheaper than a week earlier. So in the video he tells his Mom he bought three, one for Mom, one for him, and one for his friend that he has known since kindergarden.

Mom has been a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks for 35 years and even attended the team's sendoff to the airplane when they left for Jersey. Everyone wants to please their Mom and make her happy, this video is proof Mike did the right thing.

To set up the scene, Mike writes: FedEx guy arrived and I signed for the package. I opened it, and handed it over to her. Thirty years after she skipped their welcome home for my sake, I was able to return the favor in the biggest way I could ever think of. I'm excited to go see the game, but there was nothing more meaningful than to see my mom's reaction that I've shared in the video.

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