For so many of us there are memories of what KISS was in our life. I have many memories of them and their music, now I am taking my son to the show on August 3rd at the Amsoil Arena. You could be making a memory come alive for you or someone special in your life, here's how.Become a KOOL GANG member, it's free, and then sign up here to win KISS tickets. It's that easy to create your own memories.

When I was a kid I had KISS on my wall in the form of posters, ads, magazine articles, and other KISS merchandise. I know they made money off me and my family. I had friends that used to sneak me tapes to bring home and I'd listen with a pillow speaker I bought at Radio Shack late at night. I used my paperboy money to buy a radio and walkman so I could take KISS on the route with me.

One of the best memories I have is sleeping over at my friend Mike Marshall's house. We played KISS Alive and fell asleep at the speakers while the record played over and over.

My son Sam will be attending the concert on August 3rd. It will be his first concert, and I plan on making it a memory he will never forget. A shirt from the concert has to be on the list. The sounds of the crowd, the music, Gene Simmons spitting fire, and the whole experience of being at the show. I can't wait.

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