A short-term temporary closure will affect drivers along Piedmont Avenue starting Monday, November 4.  Officials with the City of Duluth are working to alert drivers to the closure of the intersection at Piedmont Avenue and West First Street.

According to information released by the city, the closure is necessary to allow work crews to remove the temporary improvements that were made during the summer to allow for wind and turbine parts to be moved out of the Port of Duluth.  Now the fall is upon us, those temporary improvements aren't needed anymore so the city of removing them. Once the work is done, the intersection will revert back to the way it was prior to this summers work,

Officials estimate that the closure will only take about four days - baring any unforeseen problems or situations.

To learn more, click here to visit the City of Duluth's website - where you'll find a wide variety of information about road and service work, maintenance, and more.



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