Kansas City was beaten by the Green Bay Packers last week and they are looking weak without their QB Mahomes, but he could be back today.

Will he save the team? Will he even play? Have they been hit with too many injuries?

Those are questions that the KOOL Schwamee has for the game. He says the Vikings are playing so well, that the defense will stop them and the offense will score enough to win the game. If they can't beat this team, they don't deserve to go far in the playoffs. This will probably be one of the teams to content.

The only thing to worry about is the offense. According to his history, Kirk can't play well in big games. This will be the test!!!

Here are the Schwamee's picks:

San Francisco 49ers          Arizona Cardinals
Houston Texans                Jacksonville Jaguars 
Chicago Bears                  Philadelphia Eagles
Indianapolis Colts             Pittsburgh Steelers
Minnesota Vikings            Kansas City Chiefs
New York Jets                  Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans             Carolina Panthers
Washington Redskins      Buffalo Bills
Detroit Lions                    Oakland Raiders
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Seattle Seahawks
Cleveland Browns           Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers         Los Angeles Chargers
New England Patriots     Baltimore Ravens
Dallas Cowboys             New York Giants

Bye: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New Orleans

Schwamee's record so far: 51-53

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