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Whether it's the Gobble Gallop in Duluth or a Turkey Trot elsewhere, Thanksgiving 5k events have become a tradition.  You'll have even more fun by adding these to your race day wardrobe.

Roasted Turkey Hat

A simple roasted turkey hat shows you are there to have fun.  Not only that, it will help keep your head warm on what is often a chilly Thanksgiving morning.  I took the lining out of mine so I could wear a winter hat underneath and I get compliments on it every year.

Turkey Face Shirt

There are plenty of Thanksgiving t-shirt options, but this simple Turkey Face T-shirt stands out and is a fun addition to your race day gear.  I actually keep mine on all day, but that's just me.  A warm long sleeve shirt underneath will keep the chill away until the 5k warms you up.

Run Now Gobble Later Turkey Running Gloves

Running early on a late November morning can mean a chilly time for your hands, especially while waiting for the race to start.  Not only will these add fun to your look, but these gloves will keep you warm enough until you start and they won't get too warm once your body gets moving.

Run Now Gobble Later Socks

You have your turkey hat, shirt and gloves.  Complete your look with a festive pair of socks!  If you're a runner who prefers a specific brand of socks to run in, simply wear your favorite pair under these as the extra warmth may come in handy.

Fleece Turkey Costume

If a hat, shirt, gloves and socks aren't enough to get into the spirit of things, why not go all out?  It's hard to make a bigger Thanksgiving fashion statement than with a full turkey costume.  This costume is fleece to help keep you warm and you'll be turning heads, especially if your post-race festivities involve grabby a Bloody Mary at your favorite bar.

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