This is a big, fat no! A pet lizard escaped from a Minnesota home and is currently on the loose.

The Champlin Police Department shared this cringe-worthy news on their Facebook page Tuesday (May 12), writing that they heard from a concerned citizen that their pet lizard escaped their home and was on the lam. You can see their full statement below:

The pet owner told police the lizard is three-feet long, good at climbing and may become aggressive. The lizard in question is an Asian Water Monitor Lizard. I had never heard of this type of lizard before so I did some research.

According to a reptile magazine, the Asian Water Monitor Lizard is the third longest lizard in the world and can grow up to nine feet. They usually reside in tropical forests and live anywhere from twelve to twenty years in captivity.

Reading about the lizard gives me the chills, especially because it can grow so big! Ahhhh. If I saw this in my front yard, I would definitely panic and run away.

No other information was given regarding how it escaped or if it has a name. Hopefully, the lizard can be captured safely and returned home.

This isn't the first unusual animal we've seen on the loose in Minnesota. Last summer, a cop found a giant boa constrictor while on duty in Burnsville.

Shortly before that incident, a giant snake was found in a Minnesotan's bathtub. The snake was between six to eight feet long. The homeowner was doing construction at the time and thinks that is how it got into the home. No thank you!

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