Here's the latest recall to hit the headlines: pig ear pet treats.

According to a press release sent out by the FDA, consumers are being advised not to purchase and/or feed their pets any of the treats. Retailers are asked to pull them from shelves.

As of the last day of July, 127 human cases of Salmonella have been reported. Several different brands have pulled the treats off the shelves.

The FDA is trying to determine where the outbreak came from. So far, it has impacted humans who have come into contact with the treats by way of giving or purchasing them for their pets.

The FDA is advising that you practice good hygiene if you insist on giving your pet the pig ears treats. You are also asked to watch the pet as it eats the treat, keep the pig ears away from kids and wash your hands and areas that come into contact with the treats.

Just a few days ago, a popular type of taco seasoning was recalled. It seems like there is a new one every single day lately.

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