Are you looking for a reason to get a four-legged friend? Here ya go!

According to a new report put out by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, having a dog is actually good for your heart. That's not a figure of speech either - it's science.

KTTC News reports having a dog is "associated with better cardiovascular health."

Mayo Clinic did the research by comparing the heart health of pet owners versus those that don't own a pet. On top of that, they also compared dog owners to general pet owners and people who have no pet at all.

Their findings? People who owned a dog show the greatest benefits of any of the groups mentioned above!

This makes sense when you think about it. If you have a dog, you have to take care of it and walk it and have more of a routine. You also have a cuddle buddy and are never alone.

This study is just another reason to give your dog some extra love today!

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