Here's something you don't hear about everyday: a billboard in Minnesota is prompting numerous people to call 911.

Casey's, a convenience store chain located in the midwest, put up a billboard advertising their shop next to an image of a pizza. This seems normal, right?

Well, to kick things up a notch, they also added a fog machine to make it seem like the pizza is steaming hot right out of the oven. The only problem is drivers passing by have been mistaking the fog for smoke, thinking the billboard is actually on fire.


The billboard is located in the Mounds View area, just a short drive from the Twin Cities, along I-35 westbound.

One resident who lives nearby posted in an area Facebook group, saying he called authorities about the billboard and they told him they'd been getting several calls about it.

The Duluth News Tribune reports the calls have slowly become few and far between since the weather has warmed up a bit, making the steam from the fog machine less noticeable.

The DNT also says the billboard was shut off temporarily but is now back in action with a note to motorists that it is indeed, not on fire.

The same billboard (which works, by the way, because all I want is pizza) is causing issues in other parts of the midwest, too. In fact, earlier this month, Iowans also mistook the fog for fire and constantly alerted authorities. Take a look at the billboard courtesy of The Cedar Rapids Gazette.

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