A truck carrying potatoes on I-94 near Albertville Minnesota crashed and sent potatoes flying all over the highway last night closing it down for several hours.  It was -13 degrees in Albertville last night and many of the potatoes froze to the freeway causing other cars to become disabled from driving over the frozen potatoes and debris.

Bring Me The News reported that The Minnesota State Patrol stated that the crash involved two semi-trucks one of which was carrying the load of potatoes. I for one would imagine with those kinds of temperatures those potatoes were like rocks strewn across the highway which obviously would make for a dangerous landscape for the other drivers.

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation even had to bring in special equipment to clean up the frozen potatoes. I am assuming a general snowplow would not be very effective. The crash happened at around 4:45 am and the Eastbound lane of I-94 was reopened before 10 am this morning. Thankfully nobody was injured and they were able to get the highway cleaned up.

At least this was not something that people jumped out of their vehicles in order to try and grab as we have seen in the past. I remember when I was living in Minneapolis a beer truck tipped over just outside the Lowry Hill Tunnel and cans and bottles of beer were strewn all over the highway and on the embankment. I was stuck in the tunnel and had no idea what was going on and all of a sudden saw people jump out of their cars and run and grab cans and bottles of beer. The State Patrol did not even bother trying to nab anybody because they were too busy trying to redirect traffic. For the record, I stayed in my car and did not grab any beer.

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