Okay - I get it:  We live in a world where there is always room for a new angle - a new gimmick so to speak.  From television and movie tie-ins to products to custom apps and digital elements, companies these days are trying to find new and (hopefully) exciting ways to market their products.  Apparently it's that way with paint.

One of the nation's largest paint companies has introduced state-specific color palettes.  Sherwin-Williams debuted their new color schemes on their website - searchable by state.

The experience is called "State Your Colors".  Users can click through mini-tab models of each state, to see the what three inter-working colors the company has chosen to offer together - creating a palette that is supposed to represent what the state would look like if it were paint.  Make sense?

First of all - it looks like the State Your Colors selection isn't complete.  Only 33 states are represented with a color palette - out of the obvious 50.  Perhaps the colors for those other states is yet to come.  Locally, there isn't an listed for Wisconsin - but there is for Minnesota.  Minnesota's colors are North Star, Superior Bronze, and Lakeshore.

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