Markell is a kid, just wants to live. He just wants to be a kid. Cancer changed that kid, and it changed the people around him.

We tug at your heartstrings to become a Partner In Hope at 800-372-4999, this is why. Markell is one of the kids that benefit from your contributions. Here he talks about his life and losses. The great thing about St. Jude is that it let Markell be a kid, not a kid with Cancer.

A few things to remember, if you haven't picked up the phone yet. St. Jude never gave Markell's family a bill. It kept his family together by offering housing and activities, and meals. One of the things that break up families is the stress of wondering where the money is going to come from, how to afford everything you need to get the treatment done. An important component of the meals is the fact that the family eats together, they can stay together, and they are all in fight mode to take care of the child and rid them of cancer. NO FAMILY IS EVER GIVEN A BILL, EVER!

Sadly, Markell lost his battle with Cancer. Markell's family thanks St. Jude every day for the time they had with him. They say having him and being with him changed them. Let's make the survival rate 100%.

If you watch this you will feel something, let it make you feel like calling, do it now 800-372-4999

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