For months my husband and I have gotten out of bed and was sore, didn't feel rested and was becoming increasingly frustrated.  We thought it was just "getting old" and I thought if this was the way it was going to be aging gracefully was going to be a challenge.  Until we bought new pillows!

We tried everything!  We thought perhaps we weren't getting ENOUGH sleep, so we went to bed earlier.  Nope.  We rotated and flipped the heck out of mattress and considered buying a new one which would have been an expensive endeavor.  Nope.  I tried doing stretches for my neck and upper back and we even tried exercising more.  Nope, although that couldn't be a bad thing. (we should probably keep that part of it up).  What changed my world was a new pillow.

We have had fabulous pillows at hotels we've stayed in and even asked the brand and purchased them on line, but they were never quite the same.  We asked family and friends their opinions and considered one called, My Pillow.  We had a friend swear by it.  We were going to look for it on line but as we were walking into a local store, THERE IT WAS.  However, the Therapedic TruCool Diamond Luxury pillow.  As we were feeling up both brands it was evident that we were leaning toward the latter and made the purchase.

Last night was my first night with the Therapedic TruCool Diamond Luxury pillow and I can honestly say my night was blissful, but the true test was when I got out of bed this morning.  No shoulder or neck pain, none!  It was the same for my husband.  Needless to say, we are thrilled we've found the answer.  It has memory foam that goes to the edges, meaning that it supported our neck as well as our heads.  I think that was the issue, our old regular pillows didn't support under our necks leaving our shoulder and neck muscles to have to work while we slumbered.  If you're waking up with neck and upper back stiffness or a headache, you should give it a shot.  I'm giving my new pillow two thumbs up and a bunch of ZZZZZZZZZZ!  Five stars from THIS girl!

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