Mynx was the stuff in the 80's. I remember the battle of the bands held by KZIO at the old Miller Hill Mall and watching MYNX play. It was the first time I saw a woman playing bass or guitar. The Woman's name was Cory and I was instantly in love.  It wasn't just her, the whole band Mark, Tammy, Dan, Cory, Ed, and Mark. They played with enjoyment and they were good!  I wasn't old enough to get into bars like  Mr. Pete’s, the Brass Phoenix or the Tap Room, so this was my chance to see them finally. So happy when I heard they were reuniting.

When they got back together, they vowed to only play gigs that meant something and to give back to the community. The first gig they played was the YSC benefit at Grandma's Sports Garden. This Friday, April 27th at Grandma's Sports Garden, MYNX takes the stage for the third time to raise money for the Young Survival Coalition (YSC). YSC is unstoppably, unshakably and unconditionally devoted to the issues facing young women with breast cancer.  No two cases of breast cancer are alike. But through shared wisdom and unconditional support, YSC has created a wealth of resources to help young women thrive.  Click here for the website.

This event raises awareness and money. Alane Davis, who is also a survivor will be there and was on the radio with me, along with Tammy and Dan from MYNX, you can listen to the interview below.  More about the event and to let us know you are coming click here. You have a chance to win some great prizes like a surprise UMD Bulldogs Men's Hockey Item and more.

Now, I go to see MYNX to support YSC, to hear the old songs they used to play (plus some new ones), and to re live the crush I had on Cory and transport back to the 80's again. It's a great time whether you lived in the 80's or not. They'll serve the PINX MINX drink that was popular last year. Doors open at 8pm This Friday, MYNX goes on at 8:30pm, cost is ten bucks. This Friday April 27th.