An Annual Open Style Dance Competition to honor a fallen Break-Dancer Willie Kruger, he loved all styles of dance and just believed everyone should just get along.

The 5th Annual Willie Kruger Dance Competition, is your chance to see local talented dancers go against other dancers of various styles. New this year there will be a group competition.

We enjoy watching dancing with the stars, and now we get to see our own competition with special guests performers from UMD dance team members, Superior Ballroom dance studio, Sarra Vinnik and Bruce Deloney, Ant Jonez and Amy J (Amy Jensen).

We were planning on going to this for the first time this year as we have friends that are competing. Then I found out that they were in need of a DJ and I jump at the chance. Now I get to be part of this great event. So come on down and let's do a Instagram together.


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