This spring Grandma's announced that the Sports Garden would no longer function as a bar/night club as it had for so many years, but would be used more for special events. After months of renovation and some restyling of the venue it is now officially a wedding and event center. The decision was made after being closed for more than a year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

According to The Garden Facebook page they are hoping to be open this spring which would be sometime this month and are booking inquiry's through Bellisio's catering.  Now that the pandemic has waned slightly and people are getting vaccinated more weddings and special events will be able to take place.

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For many who are from the area they may remember when the old Sports Garden first opened they actually played sports like volleyball inside the 20,000 square foot building. That was before my time even though I feel like I have lived in Duluth for a lifetime. I believe that the new Garden venue will do very well to cater to weddings and special events due to the fact that it is in a great location with ample parking and it's sheer size will be able to accommodate quite a large number of people if necessary.

With it's prime location there is no way they could let that building sit empty for much longer and with offering catering from Bellisio's  they seem to have all their bases covered. So now there is officially another option for people looking for a wedding venue or for special events that can accommodate a lot of people.

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