Tuesday brought about yet another round of snow in the Northland. It wasn't our first of the season and it definitely will not be the last.

Tuesday's storm was enough to wreak havoc on the roads all across the state. The Minnesota State Patrol released some numbers to illustrate just how bad things really got. They shared the updates in real time on their Twitter page. Check it out below:

In total, from the early afternoon to the evening, the state of Minnesota saw about 500 crashes and over 600 spinouts. They also dealt with over 20 jackknifed semi trucks.

In case you were curious, we did see quite a bit of snow in the Twin Ports. Some parts of Duluth saw up to six inches of snow while other parts of Northern Minnesota, like Baxter, actually received seven inches of snow! October 20th is definitely one for the books.

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This is just the start of what is shaping up to be a very long and brutal winter so it is a good time to brush on some basic winter driving tips. Slow down and scrape all the snow off your car before you hit the road. We will all get through another Twin Ports winter together.

By the way - it is shaping up to be a La Niña winter which means more snow and more cold snaps. Buckle up!

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