In the early 2000s, MTV wanted to capitalize on the new paranormal and ghost craze. More and more documentaries were being made, MTV had another idea.

What if you got real people and put them in real haunted places and gave them dares to do, and if they completed them, they could win money. TV Tropes says Fear ran for two seasons. 5 people, or contestants, because they could win money. Were put up in a location and stayed overnight. They were each given dares one person would read the dare and the other or others, had to complete it. Failure to do so meant they would go home.

They were brought into the location in blindfolds and a bag over their head, so they didn't know how they got there or where they were. Locations were old hospitals, old military holds, or sometimes haunted land.

They would draw colors and that was how the computer would assign the dare. The dare came with a video describing the area they were going into. Sometimes if was a video of a killer, A video of what happens to people when they go to that location.

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Fear, which ran for two seasons from 2000 to 2002, was focused on the paranormal. Each episode finds at least five contestants blindfolded and put a burlap bag over their head so that the people had no idea how they got in or where they are. They would go to haunted locations like prisons, old hospitals which included orphanages, mentally ill patients, old schools.

The kids had no camera crew they would wear these contraptions around their body with a camera and mic on it. They basically are abandoned at the location and only given a computer to guide them. The computer would use the colors they drew to choose people for dares. One person guides, the other person or people do the dare. All communication is on the radio.

They are allowed to leave at any time, many kids left because of religious beliefs. Some leave because they are too scared, some leave because they couldn't follow the dare. Some dares required the kids to sit in radio silence in a cell, a room, or outside in a haunted location.  If they make all the dares they are asked to do, they win $5000.

I have included some of the shows below.

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