If you or someone you know is even remotely a Star Wars fan, you know May 4th is sort of a holiday that plays along with the phrase "May the force be with you" from the movies.

As the unofficial holiday in full swing, both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Departments of Transportation are having a little Star Wars fun while passing along some important safety messages with some of their electronic road signs.

While tongue-in-cheek road signs have become somewhat of a norm in both Minnesota and Wisconsin on those electric roadways signs. While this isn't the first time they've done this, here are their 2021 offerings shared via social media.

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On the Minnesota side of the border, MNDOT decided to take inspiration from Yoda. They shared a slow down message, encouraging "Patience you must have" while on the roadway.

Across the border in Wisconsin, WISDOT made a Han Solo and Princess Leia reference, sharing a sign to "Solo down" and "Leia off the gas".

Which one do you think is better? If I had to pick, I have to go with my home state of Minnesota. While the Wisconsin one is punny, Minnesota's offering feels more pure.

A couple from years past (even some that weren't shared on May 4th) are pretty good too. The first two are from Minnesota, while the third one was spotted in Wisconsin.

While we're at it, some sign messages in Massachusetts have been getting quite a bit of attention today as well online. Their messages include references to the Kessel Run, The Force, The Dark Side (of The Force), another Yoda reference, and even a Wookie one.

Have you seen any as you've been out and about? Let us know about them!

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