It's official name is the 2019-2018 Capital Highway Investment Plan; basically it outlines the road projects that are on the docket for the Minnesota Department of Transportation over the next ten years.  More than 760 pavement projects, 380 bridge projects, rest stop and weigh station maintenance, and other various projects are detailed.

It probably goes without saying, but MNDOT - like other government agencies - prefers to work off of long-range schedules.  According to Commissioner Charlie Zelle:

"The Capital Highway Investment Plan helps MnDOT detail investments on the state highway network and improve the transparency of our decision-making processes. While projects are not commitments until they reach the [State Transportation Improvement Program], listing potential projects five to ten years out allows for advanced coordination and input, and, ultimately, better projects for all those served."

A quick survey of the plans, maps, and drawings for the 2019-2028 Capital Highway Investment Plan shows that the Northland will see a large number of projects during that time period.  Included is work on the North Shore/Highway 61, Central Entrance, Trinity Road/Highway 53, I-35, and the Blatnik Bridge; the listing for the Blatnik Bridge shows some maintenance during the first couple of years of the plan, with eventual replacement planned for 2028 - a project that is listed with an estimated $200,000,000 price tag.


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