Put your phone away, and keep your eyes on the road. That's the goal of the Minnesota law enforcement agencies when they begin their biggest crackdown on distracted driving on Monday. The enhanced enforcement will run for the rest of the month. They've been doing the overtime hours and extra officers on the road every spring, but this year will be the longest stretch of time.

According to the Star Tribune, $438,000 has been granted by the Federal Highway Administration to cover officer's overtime and other expenses.

The first time ticket as of now for distracted driving is $50. The next time you get a ticket it jumps to $275.   There is a bill to increase those fines as well in the Minnesota Legislature.

Texting, accessing the internet, using apps while driving or stopping at an intersection is illegal. Many people think if they just look at their phone at a red light it's not illegal, but that is not the case.

Even activities that don't involve your phone and just take your eyes off the road can be considered distracted driving, and will also be under extra enforcement.

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