Remember back in the day, everyone had the fur dice hanging from their rearview mirror? Will it get you pulled over if you went retro and hung a pair?

This is an interesting question, each state is different. The original laws sort of read the same but are interpreted differently. In both Minnesota and Wisconsin, the law states you should not hang something from your rearview mirror.

The interpretation is in Minnesota, you can not have anything hanging from your rearview mirror. Not even an air freshener. In a segment of the Duluth News Tribue's Ask A Trooper, the officer states that you can not hang anything, nothing. Does the officer have a choice to give you a warning if it is something minor? Yes, but as a rule of thumb, don't hang anything on your mirror.

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Wisconsin is a different story. On Wisconsin's website, it says you can not hang anything on your mirror if it's an obstruction. So, you can't hang anything big or something that might catch the wind and make it hard to see your mirror. The interpretation I read on other websites is "if it is not an obstruction". Meaning, if you hang dice, it is not illegal if you can safely drive.

Which other states are strict about what you can hang on your mirror? According to WANE California, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, and Illinois. They are about as strict as Minnesota when it comes to hanging something off of your mirror.

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