The new hands-free law has only been in effect for a few days but it seems not everyone is complying.

If you aren't familiar, the hands-free driving law kicked off the first day of August. The law makes it illegal for anyone operating a motor vehicle to use their cell phone.

About a week into the new law, and the Minnesota State Patrol is offering up some statistics.

According to a post on their Facebook page Thursday (August 8th), they have given out hundreds of citations and warnings since the law began. See what they had to say below:

Ugh! Minnesota State Patrol notes that while most people knew about the law, they just didn't comply for reasons that weren't given.

On August 1st, the same day the law went into effect, a Minnesota resident was pulled over for a very ironic reason: she was texting while driving ABOUT the new law. The incident happened in Eagan and the driver was given a citation. Come on, people!

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