Things are getting really serious on The Bachelor. The finale for this season airs next Monday (March 15th) and our Minnesota native could get the final rose.

On the most recent episode, which aired Monday (March 8th) night, our Minnesota native Michelle Young got one of two roses. This means she will either be sent home on the next episode or she will get her fairytale ending with lead Matt James.

Ahhhhh! The show recently released a long teaser for the rest of the season and in it, Michelle is seen crying, crying some more and kissing Matt. If you are looking for any spoilers in it, you won't get any.

Michelle is up against one other woman for the final rose. Since the moment she first entered the picture, a few weeks later than everyone thanks to a special show twist, she was a frontrunner. I don't think anyone who has been following this season is surprised she has made it to the final two!

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So far, the two have had a great connection. She even introduced Matt to her family as part of the special "hometown" episode. However, because of the pandemic, they didn't travel to Minnesota to meet her family like they normally would, which is a bummer.

We will see if the connection is enough for Michelle to get the final rose. The two had an overnight date in the latest episode so we didn't get to see too much of her, as they got to spend time together without cameras.

We are rooting for you, Michelle. Bring this home for Minnesota!

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