How awesome is this? A product from a Minnesota company was just featured on a very popular show. If you are a fan of survival shows, you will absolutely love this.

This isn't the first time a local company has been featured on the big time. Duluth Pack has been featured on the national news, including a segment late last year. The company was featured thanks to a major act of kindness they displayed throughout the pandemic.

Duluth Pack was also featured on Jeopardy! which is another hugely popular show. The question was about the state in which Duluth Pack is located and of course, the answer is Minnesota!

There have also been other Duluth television connections. I was super excited when one of my favorite television shows name dropped Duluth. While it was just a split second, it still made me excited!

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Now, there's another cool Minnesota connection to celebrate! Local company Spring Creek Manufacturing was featured on the hit History Channel show Alone. My boyfriend is obsessed with this show and I have watched a bunch of episodes as well.

One of the company's items was featured as a chosen survival item from one of the show's contestants in a recent episode. To give some context to this exciting news, the show is an adventure reality show. It follows ten contestants as they try to survive in the wilderness for as long as possible.

The show sends contestants to different places, all desolate with harsh environments. Contestants can only bring a limited amount of survival equipment and the contestant who lasts the longest wins a massive cash prize. They are completely alone and can quit at any time.

With this context, it makes it even more impressive that a contestant on a recent episode chose a local product from a local company! The contestant chose a Tuff Camp Saw, which is one of the company's top-selling outdoor focused products.

The President of Spring Creek Manufacturing, Grant Sega, said in a press release that having one of the company's products featured on the show is a "true honor" and that he is "beyond thrilled" one of the items is on a show like Alone.

The contestant who chose the item is Juan Pablo Quiñonez. He is a 30-year-old a survival specialist with ten years of experience and counting and has written a book on survival.

He talked about the local item in a video in which he explains his ten chosen survival items and why he chose them. Like I said, the contestants only get to bring ten items to be out in the wilderness for a very long time so it is a big honor that he chose an item from a Minnesota company.

If you want to watch and see this cool connection yourself, you can watch the episode online as we speak! The product appeared on July 14th during the eighth episode of the most recent season. The episode is titled Gut Feeling.

Alone is currently on the ninth season. The first season aired in 2015 and since then, they have switched up the formula at times. The contestants film everything themself, which takes the show to a new level. I can't watch without being thankful I am not in their situation. Ha!

New episodes of Alone air on Thursday nights. As mentioned, they have switched things up at times, which has resulted in spinoffs like Alone: Frozen and Alone: The Beast, among others.

By the way, Spring Creek Manufacturing is based in Mountain Iron, Minnesota. I love seeing Minnesota represented in such an awesome way on national television. The company sells outdoor fear, outdoor paddle sports equipment and universal and industrial truck racks, among many other items.

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