Minnesota and Wisconsin people argue over who is better all the time, but you would be surprised when comparing, that our differences are few.

Yeah, sure, we battle over NFL teams, the Packers and the Vikings, but we unite when it comes to hatred of the Lions and Bears. The Badgers and the Gophers duke it out, but both hate Michigan and Iowa. Wisconsin once criticized Minnesota over the 10,000 lakes claim and wound up helping the state when it was found to have over 11,000, but that same study found 15,000 in Wisconsin.

Who drinks more beer? Wisconsin, they rank number 5 nationally according to bringmethenews.com but Minnesota is number 29. They must be wine drinkers?

Cheese, Wisconsin is king for cheese. They make the most cheese, Minnesota isn't even close. If you look closely though, California is close to unseating the Dairy state. Minnesota is no slouch, they come in at number 6, all of those statistics are from statistica.com.

Here are some more things about the two states.

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