Joni Mitchell was so proud of this, she put it on her website with a link.

This is the brainchild of Eric Larson who spearheaded the Duluth Does Dylan event that was so popular. This event will take place at Sacred Heart Music Center 201 West 4th Street in Duluth, January 26th from 7:30 pm to 11 pm. UPDATE: As of this morning (1/23) the show is sold out.

Some of the artists include Arna Rennan, Breanne Tepler, Kate McCall Isles, Stephanie Longstreet, Gina Lee, Kim Curtis-Monson, Kristy Marie NurJehan Chisti, Leyla Aktekin, Lisa Lokken, Lyz Jaakola, Maxi Childs, Rochelle Luoma, Rose Hoene, Janie, and the Spokes, Caiticoo Dita and many more.

Joni Mitchell has been one of the most influential singer/songwriters in music. According to her website, Joni's remarkable life has been documented in thousands of articles, interviews, press releases, music, and art over the course of her career. The library contains 4162 titles and counting, including articles written and interviews conducted exclusively for the website that cannot be found anywhere else. The Chronology of Appearances is another comprehensive database that provides the dates and venues of Joni's performances chronicling every known appearance from Joni's coffee house days to some of the biggest venues in the world.

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