Stefon Diggs reminds me of Randy Moss in a way, not as great, but is good and seems to be moody too.

Diggs has taken any Viking references out of his Instagram, and while most people would say, who cares, this is a big deal in the social media times. Because he has done that, people are talking, does he want to stay? I know I read another article that the Patriots were interested in him or him in them. That certainly would keep Tom Brady in New England, but that's another story.

When I said Diggs is moody, if you remember, back in week four after losing to the Bears he was skipping work. They weren't getting rid of him then and they have no intent on getting rid fo him now.

Expect GM Rick Spielman to talk at the Scouting Combine, and for that matter, Coach Mike Zimmer too. They will say, trading him would clear only $5.5 million in net cap space, since a trade would result in a $9 million cap charge, also, that he will always be a prominent part of the offense, and that they have big coaches in place and the last year of Cousins big contract. This is the year they really make the run with the people they have.

The bottom line, they will not trade Stefon Diggs.


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