Jonathan Otis is the Duluth Deputy Fire Marshal  and over the last 4 months he has made a startling discovery during inspections around the city, finding 14 recalled dehumidifiers.

These dehumidifiers were recalled back in 2013. Otis explained to the Duluth News Tribune " There's a company called Gree that manufactures the internal part of these dehumidifiers for a number of different manufacturers. Gree makes the dehumidifiers and then each brand puts their own distinct shell over them. The brand names he's seen the most around the city include Soleus Air, GE and Frigidaire."

These units were recalled and pulled from shelves because they were overheating and catching on fire. While these particular ones are not sold in stores anymore the concern is people still have them in their homes or business or bought them second hand from someone, not even aware of the fact that they are recalled.

Otis has said that he now checks on dehumidifiers while on all his inspections after attending a conference last Fall where they discussed dehumidifier recalls. A list of the nearly 100 recalled dehumidifiers can be found on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website.


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