The Minnesota State Patrol is looking for some men and women to fill the ranks.

Minnesota State Patrol will pay qualified men and women to participate in their Law Enforcement Training Program, no law enforcement experience is necessary for this program, all you need is a two-year or four-year degree in any discipline.

They are also looking for those with a law enforcement degree or who are currently working in law enforcement. Those interested in the program can visit here to apply and get more information.

There are currently about 600 troopers on Minnesota roads and in the air to provide assistance, education and enforcement to Minnesota's citizens and help with safe, efficient movement of traffic on the state's roads.

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Troopers get a generous benefits package that includes Health and Dental Insurance, Life and Disability Insurance, Retirement Benefits, Paid Parental Leave, and vacation time. Salary for state troopers starts at $62,483 and tops off at $82,207 after 8 years of service.


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