The work their doing this winter on I-35 near the Can of Worms / Twin Ports Interchange Project continues to roll along - with a variety of lane and ramp closures as it progresses.  Another set of closures related to that work is expected to begin soon and will have immediate impacts on traffic in the area.

Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are alerting drivers who use I-35 as part of their daily commute to look for a set of new closures starting Monday, November 9.  That's the date that the northbound I-35 exit ramp to 27th Avenue West and the 27th Avenue West ramp to southbound I-35 in Duluth will be closed to traffic.  Detour signs will be in place to aid drivers as they navigate through the area.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the expected timeline for this particular leg of the project sees it wrapping up by the end of the work day on Friday, November 13.  The work is tied to the larger Twin Ports Interchange Project this is still scheduled to start in earnest in the spring of 2021.  In advance of the larger project, work crews with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are performing necessary site work to make sure that everything is ready to go once the work starts this spring.  Part of the work includes work on some of the ramps and the bridges over I-35 in that stretch of roadway.

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Those interested in the details about this project, the Twin Ports Interchange, and any road work being done throughout the entire State of Minnesota are directed to check out the Minnesota Department of Transportation's online project page.  Click here to get those details for yourself.

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