Modern gas cans suck. Yes, I know the EPA is trying to make the environment better with the gas can regulations that took place in 2009, but honestly I think it's doing more harm than good.

In case you were unaware, they passed regulations that would require gas cans to have an automatic nozzle shut off. That's so the gas couldn't vent vapors or spill if tipped over. But what happens in reality is the user ends up fighting with the nozzle, and gas either spills out of the nozzle or can leak out around the gasket where the neck is attached.

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It happens all the time.  I have spilled so much more gas since 2009 then anything I did before then. There has been one gas can that I found that works with these regulations, but it still doesn't pour as fast as I would like. It's been so bad that a lot of times we've just ended up taking the pour spout off and pouring it into a funnel. They really are terrible.

Well, some Michigan lawmakers are trying to get gas cans made, sold, and used in Michigan to become exempt from the EPA regulations according to Flint Michigans ABC 12 News. There's a bill that has passed a Michigan House committee this week that would allow that. Now it goes on to the full Michigan house for consideration, and would need to go through the senate and governor.

Republican State Representative Rodney Wakeman spelled it out quite clearly,

“The EPA’s gas can requirements are a clear case of government regulation doing more harm than good. It’s time for government to get out of the way and stop overcomplicating people’s lives.”

While I am a pretty politically moderate person, this is one issue that I can clearly take a stance on. It's hurting the environment much more than helping it if you spill gas all over the place.

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