Elizabeth Chan our guest on the KOOL Morning Show, spent a year doing "Failure Club", trying to fulfill her goal of a famous Christmas song. Read about her and hear the story as told on the KOOL morning show.

The entire pursuit was captured on Award winning documentarian Morgan Spurlock’s hit web series on Yahoo! Screens, Failure Club, (Spurlock created the award winning film Super Size Me, among others) an inspirational reality show that charges the seven cast members with the task of ‘embracing their fear of failure’ and spurring each other on to achieve their lifelong dreams. For Elizabeth, who had abandoned a musical path in her early twenties for a fast-track career in new media, such a leap of faith was worth the risk. “I had always kept inside the dream of becoming a songwriter,” she says. “And I knew if I just took the chance to do a reset on my singing career, I could win people over with the music.”

Perhaps an even more daunting task – Elizabeth had to prove it to herself. The passionate New Yorker set out to write a Christmas song a day with Failure Club cameras following her every move. One of those offerings would eventually become “A Christmas Song,” the crown jewel of her collection that captures the essence of those holiday memories we hold most dear.

One year later – she has released a spirited five song debut EP – Naughty & Nice (other tracks include the phosphorous “Vixen,” and “Wouldn’t Be A Merry Christmas,” among others) debuting top 5 on the Holiday Albums iTunes chart. Her premiere video – an effervescent/one-take stroll featuring a cast of holiday dancers following her in New York City’s Times Square – is already chalking up thousands of daily views on online video outlets such as Daily Motion and YouTube.

And what would she say to the millions of people she’s now inspiring with her incredible story set to a Christmas soundtrack? “I wish I could help everyone achieve their dreams,” she says. “For me, songwriting is my meditation. I now wake up every morning in awe of what the day will bring.”

All quotes and bio from lizchanchristmas.com

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